New Marvel Teaser Asks Fans To Trust Captain America’s “Secret Empire”


Last week, Marvel first teased a new event story called Secret Empire, and while it’s yet to be confirmed, it’s widely believed that it will revolve around Captain America. After all, for some time now, Steve Rogers has secretly been a villain after his history was altered by a Cosmic Cube wielding Red Skull.

However, rather than remaining faithful to the Hydra leader, Captain America has been plotting against him for a while and it’s thought that Secret Empire is where everything will come to a head as the rest of the Marvel Universe finally learns what Steve’s been up to. Whether or not they’ll be able to return him to his patriotic self obviously remains to be seen. Plus, with the end of Civil War II showing one possible future where Captain America is killed by Miles Morales, who knows if he’ll even make it out of this story alive and kicking.

Marvel has faced a great deal of criticism in recent years for their endless status quo changing event stories, and unless it’s something particularly special, Secret Empire will likely face a similar amount of backlash when it debuts. However, if like The Clone Conspiracy it’s fairly self-contained, it may very well end up being something worth checking out.

Time will ultimately tell, but be sure to let us know your thoughts on what this latest teaser image for the Captain America event might mean in the comments section down below.