New Study Shows That DC Is Way More Popular Than Marvel


Batman or Ant-Man? Green Lantern or Spider-Man? Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?

It’s a debate that has raged for generations: DC or Marvel? Frankly, we have a deep appreciation for both sides of the comic book spectrum, but it’s always interesting to ask where loyalties lie. Just like US Dish (h/t Heroic Hollywood) have done with their latest analytics report.

By pulling data from Google Trends, the website was able to pinpoint which states favor DC or Marvel, ultimately confirming that DC Comics is currently dominating its biggest competitor in the US of A. Of the states surveyed, DC Comics triumphed in 32, while Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Kentucky all remained on the fence, unable to choose a clear favorite between DC and the House of M.

Via US Dish:

Thirty-two states named DC their most popular comic book universe, and fourteen chose Marvel. Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Kentucky couldn’t name a winner between the two universes, though all four named a DC superhero as their favorite. Twenty-nine of the top heroes also came from DC comics, while twenty-two came from Marvel.

This data marks a clear surge in the popularity of DC Comics, given Marvel emerged as the undisputed winner in last year’s survey. What’s particularly interesting is that Superman was crowned as the most favorite superhero in eight states – Illinois included, the on-screen home of Metropolis and the fifteen-foot Man of Steel statue.

There were also big wins for native heroes – namely Brie Larson and Jason Momoa – given Captain Marvel and Aquaman were named as the top heroes in California and Hawaii, respectively. A full, state-by-state breakdown can be found on US Dish.

Overall, though, this digital report marks a tangible uptick for DC Comics in the United States. Which is not surprising, really, given the amount of DC-themed content being churned out on the small screen. Not every superhero show is created equal, of course, and some seem to fall at the first hurdle (R.I.P. Swamp Thing), but it’s certainly brought a lot of minor characters into the spotlight.

Source: US Dish