Old Man Logan #25 To Put A New Spin On Wolverine Vs. Hulk


When it’s all said and done, 2017 may very well prove to be the year of the grizzled superhero. Not only is Logan set to arrive in theaters this weekend amid high critical acclaim, but the comic book series known as Old Man Logan aims to keep on going strong when a new creative team boards the title in June.

As for who will be handling the titular character’s adventures, readers should be pleased to know they’re in the capable hands of none other than writer Ed Brisson (Bullseye, Iron Fist) and artist Mike Deodato (Thanos, Avengers). And if the latter’s cover is any indication of how Logan will appear in the story itself, I think that’s a treat in its own right because his bulking, sinewy rendition makes me recall Barry Windsor-Smith’s classic Weapon X series from 1991.

When it comes to the plot itself, Marvel had this to tease:

Nobody has pushed Wolverine to the limit quite like the Incredible Hulk. With the Maestro possessing all of the Hulk’s brawns and all of Banner’s brains, will Old Man Logan face the same brink? Plus, the Maestro is bringing some friends! Recruiting the Hulk Gang from Old Man Logan’s hellish alternate future, does Logan even stand half a chance?

After reading that, the question on my mind is whether this arc could possibly have anything to do with that mysterious image displaying a Hulk/Woverine hybrid that Axel Alonso dropped recently. If it’s purely coincidence, we won’t exactly be shocked, but it’s something to think on.

For now, be sure to feast your eyes on Deodato’s aforementioned cover for Old Man Logan #25 below.