The Original Five Make Their Mark In X-Men Blue #1

If anything, the past week or so has brought us no shortage of news when it comes to the many upcoming titles spotlighting our favorite mutants. Not only did we recently get our first looks inside X-Men Gold and Weapon X, but some remastered variant covers by way of Jim Lee were unveiled as well. Well, that trend continues today as the curtain is pulled back even further when it comes to X-Men Blue.

What no doubt makes this particular title so special is that it features the original five members of the team – Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel – which is a nice juxtaposition to what we’re going to see over in X-Men Gold and elsewhere. Quite frankly, I welcome such a lineup because, as we all know, the X-Men’s corner of the Marvel Universe has become a bit complicated as of late and each splintered faction can no doubt offer different perspectives as ResurrXion kicks off.

Speaking of which, Senior Editor Mark Paniccia had this to say:

“Without these original five there would be no X-Men. The adventures Cullen Bunn and company have in store for them will excite fans of any X-Men team, touching on familiar themes and fresh twists on classic villains.”

Although I’ve obviously yet to read a single issue of this run, it’s probably safe to say that Cullen Bunn is the right man for the job, as he’s become one of Marvel’s go-to guys as of late. And judging by the interiors seen in the galley at the top, Jorge Molina sure does seem like the right artist to complement him.

X-Men Blue arrives in comic shops on April 12.