Rebirth’s New Batman: 9 Possible Replacements For Bruce Wayne

Dick Grayson

This seems like the most obvious choice of the lot here. Whenever Batsy goes on a walkabout, it’s always Dick who steps into his shoes to look after Gotham City and the Batcave. That fact aside, Bruce has often said that Dick’s the worthiest to lace up his boots. This would be the whole student-becoming-the-master thing coming full circle again.

A major red herring here is how Dick’s trying to find himself in another city and almost became a father in Tim Seeley’s “Nightwing Must Die” storyline. We all know that Gotham is in his heart though and his team-up adventure with Damian Wayne reaffirmed the chemistry between them as Batman and Robin. If Bruce was gone, Dick would need to be a mentor to Damian. Even more important, we’d be treated to the wonderful banter between Dick and Alfred again.

With the Nightwing film coming, you can bet your bottom dollar that DC’s going to go into overdrive promoting this character in all the mediums available. We all know he’s the real deal, but Geoff Johns and company might want to give everyone a fresh reminder. And there’s no better way of proving his capabilities than by having him don the famous costume again.