Robin And Superboy Unite In First Look At Super Sons #1

Next month, DC commences the second phase of its Rebirth initiative as it rolls out new titles such as Justice League of America, Batwoman and, last but not least, Super Sons, which is the focus of our current discussion. Uniting Damian Wayne and Jon Kent, the current versions of Robin and Superboy, respectively, we trust this book will offer much action and excitement, with a hearty helping of youthful exuberance.

Spinning out of concepts introduced by Peter J. Tomasi in the pages of Superman, Super Sons will feature artwork provided by the up and coming Jorge Jimenez. To this point, the interaction between Damian and Jon has been quite entertaining and although teaming up costumed youths is nothing new, it stands to reason that this series will be as different from Teen Titans as Batman/Superman was from Justice League. After all, when you pare down the number of characters being focused on, it makes for much more intimate storytelling.

DC have kindly supplied us with some unlettered preview images from the debut issue, so for now, you can play Mad Libs to your heart’s content while figuring out what’s going on in each scene. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long for more, as Super Sons #1 is scheduled to arrive in comic shops on February 15.

Until then, be sure to check out the official synopsis below:

“When I grow up” part one! The sons of Batman and Superman have graduated to their own monthly comic—but if they want to survive, they’re going to have to share it! Writer Peter J. Tomasi (BATMAN & ROBIN, SUPERMAN) teams with rising-star artist Jorge Jimenez (EARTH 2) to bring you the adventures of the World’s Smallest. This debut issue looks at the lives of Robin and Superboy and their destiny to follow in their fathers’ footsteps, while we meet a new villain whose ascension parallels the boys’ own understanding of their powers—except that he believes it’s his right to rule over every being on the planet!