Scott Snyder Talks Dark Nights: Metal In New Video


As time goes by, we’re slowly but surely gaining more insight into DC’s upcoming event book, Dark Nights: Metal, which is set to reunite the fan favorite creative team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. The latest helping of knowledge comes by way of DC All Access, in which the most recent installment of the web series sees co-host Whitney Moore chatting with Snyder himself.

Over the course of the conversation, the superstar scribe says the usual things such as they’re “taking risks” and “exploring new territory,” but my ears perked when he spoke of an invasion by a “Dark Multiverse” that brings together the Justice League. Quite frankly, this caused me to think that there’s a dark matter multiverse counter to the DC Multiverse we’ve come to be familiar with and then I remembered that, hey, this series is kicking off the publisher’s new Dark Matter initiative, so it’s all starting to line up.

Furthermore, Snyder continues to affirm that Hawkman and Nth Metal will be central to this book, creating even more intrigue, doubly so because Carter Hall was killed off several months back. Thus, we may have to continue scratching our heads figuring out the details involving the Thanagarian’s involvement until this baby hits stands.

Aside from story teasers, the video is also worth paying close attention to because it gives us our first look at some of Capullo’s fully realized interiors, beautifully inked by Jonathan Glapion and colored by FCO Plascencia, two more talented individuals carrying over from the Batman days.

Dark Nights: Metal #1 is set to arrive in comic shops this August.

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