Sleuth-er Heroes: The 10 Best Detectives In Comic Books

Superheroes might be talented in the art of fisticuffs, but sometimes they need to employ some brain work in order to fight crime, too. Sure, the big punch-up is what will stop the evil supervillain from destroying the world, but the dogged investigation that led them to that point is the real reason the day is saved.

Considering that, it’s not surprising that so many comic book heroes double up as detectives. Whether they are officers of the law, private eyes or simply detectives by nature, so many characters from Marvel, DC and other comic universes are just as much super-sleuths as they are superheroes. Some notable examples include Misty Knight, the Spirit, the Spectre, Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman and let’s not forget Howard the Duck.

While these characters are magnificent with a magnifying glass, they didn’t manage to break into our picks for the top 10 detectives in comic book history. Instead, the men, women, mutants and monkeys we’ve chosen here can crack a case just as well as other superheroes can crack heads, making them 10 of the best comic book sleuths.