Marvel Fans Remember Stan Lee On The Anniversary Of His Passing

Stan Lee

Has it really been a whole year since Stan Lee left us? It’s hard to imagine a world without him, but twelve months after his passing, we – and millions of fans from around the world – still remember him. He was a legend, a cultural icon, the granddaddy of the modern comic book industry. It’s not easy to forget such a behemoth of a man.

Of course fans – and the movie industry in general – have all been taking to Twitter to honor his memory today. There may never be enough words to truly capture Stan Lee’s essence and character, but that hasn’t stopped the messages and tweets from pouring out of the hearts of those who loved him.

Many had a lot to say, others probably found it difficult to sum up their thoughts in 280 characters, and some even posted fan art of the Marvel comic genius. Either way, thousands are paying homage to the 95-year-old who influenced so many. Responsible for such creations as Spider-Man, Iron Man and…ah, we don’t need to reel off a list of his many characters. Everyone reading this knows the work he’s given the world and knows how he touched their lives.

Marvel themselves have even sent out a heartfelt message, respectfully cherishing the memory of their fallen father. “His legacy will live on,” they say. Truer words were never spoken. They also uploaded a portrait of Lee, surrounded by his creations in what can only be described as a loving and fitting tribute to the man.

One year gone, still in our hearts. We all miss you Stan Lee. If you want to share your own thoughts and/or fan art, be sure to head on over to Twitter and use the hashtag #StanLee. EXCELSIOR!