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Stand with Ukraine Humble Bundle features 120 pieces of content including The Boys comics, all proceeds to aid the region

Humble Bundle, a company that works with charitable organizations, is helping raise donations for Ukraine with a great pop culture bundle.

Image via Amazon Studios / The Boys

Humble Bundle is giving back to the country of Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, and allowing fans of pop culture to join in the support effort.

The opportunity to help those in Ukraine has been a priority for people across the globe, and Humble Bundle’s latest effort makes that possible in a monumental way. The company is donating all Stand with Ukraine bundle profits to several organizations helping their country is a beautiful gesture.

In a message on the landing page for the Stand with Ukraine bundle, the company notes that Ukraine needs our help.

“The violent and unlawful invasion in Ukraine is taking a tragic toll—displacing people, devastating families, and creating an urgent need for food, water, supplies, shelter, and safety. To help out how we can, we’ve joined forces with game creators, book publishers, and software makers around the globe for a bundle 100% dedicated to supporting the victims and refugees from Ukraine during this crisis.”

Of course, the efforts of Humble Bundle wouldn’t be possible without the creators, publishers, and makers — who, as the company notes, have created the excellent opportunity to give fans the ability to donate any amount upwards of $40 and receive the incredible and jam-packed bundle.

If you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle, the company was built around the idea of a charitable organization.

Humble Bundle sells games, books, software, and more DRM-free multi-format humble bundles. Our mission is to support charity while providing awesome humble bundles at great prices.”

The value of the Stand with Ukraine bundle is $2,572, and the company has already raised $1,675,854.89 for Ukraine. It’s a special nod of support and compassion to the company, and 100% of the profits will go to the International Medical Corps, Direct Relief, Razom for Ukraine, and the International Rescue Committee.

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