Steve Orlando Talks Killer Frost’s Heroic Turn In Justice League Of America

killer frost

As the release of the new Justice League of America series draws near, more information slowly comes to light. Just this week, writer Steve Orlando went into detail describing what it took to bring the likes of Batman, Lobo, Black Canary, the Ray, the Atom, Vixen, and Killer Frost together.

With a one-shot centered on Killer Frost looming, Comicosity continued probing Orlando and got him to say the following regarding her heroic turn:

“A lot of her character came from our artist Mirka Andolfo’s work, as my co-writer Jody Houser and I saw it develop on the page. Frost to me is an interesting character. A lot of of it is about owning what you’ve done and finding a way to move forward as an adult and as a person in the world.

“She was a promising scientist until an accident that she had no control over forced her to become something else. She can’t control her need for organic heat or human heat, because she’ll die if she doesn’t have it.”

That sounds somewhat similar to what’s been going on on The Flash lately, huh? While not a carbon copy by any means, I’ve maintained my position that Killer Frost in the comics is turning over a new leaf to possibly align with the TV show’s version of Caitlin Snow gaining her powers and likely deciding to not use them for evil purposes. Well, the Earth-1 Caitlin, at least.

Orlando continued:

“I think we’ve all been in situations where circumstances forced us to make decisions we regret later or wouldn’t make otherwise. Hers are, of course, widespread and large on account of the damage. But I look at her as someone who needs understanding.

“There’s steps to be taken on both sides regarding Killer Frost. It’s her decision if she wants to be better. And it’s the decision of the heroes around her to understand and not just lock her away in prison. If those two things meet in the middle, you’re left with someone willing to grow and change and put in the work to make herself better.”

Justice League of America: Killer Frost Rebirth #1 arrives in comic shops on Wednesday, January 25.