Captain America Has Finally Got His Original Shield Back


The vastly controversial Secret Empire has now wrapped up, meaning the hundreds of fans who hated the idea of Steve Rogers becoming a Nazi dictator can breathe easy again. At the conclusion of the crossover event, the Cosmic Cube’s changes to reality were reversed and the heroic Rogers returned to reclaim his place as Captain America. But he was still missing one vital part of the ensemble…

The following Marvel event has been Generations, a series of one-shots which pairs a different original hero up with the legacy character who took on their mantle. In Generations: Sam Wilson Captain America and Steve Rogers Captain America #1, Wilson ended up stuck in the past, specifically in World War II. Unable to stay out of the fight, he became a wartime myth known as “The Man in the Air.” His heroics even inspired Steve, still new to being Captain America at the time, long before the pair would meet for real and Wilson would become Cap’s partner as Falcon.

At the end of the comic, Wilson made his way back to the present, after living a whole other life since his return to the past. Once he reunited with modern-day Steve, Sam at last returned Rogers’ original shield, as a sign of support that he believes that his friend will be able to rebuild the public’s trust in him. He also left Steve a note in the shield which promises: “You’re going to be the hero they need. The hero they always hoped for.”

With Steve Rogers back to being the one and only Captain America, Sam Wilson will return to his old superhero identity in his new solo series The Falcon. Along with a new partner named the Patriot, Sam’s first foe will be Blackheart, son of Mephisto.

Be sure to check out Wilson’s new adventures in The Falcon #1, which arrives in comic book stores October 11th. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers begins his renewed crime-fighting career in Captain America #695, landing on November 1st.