Superwoman’s New Writer Will Address Post-Superman Reborn Continuity Changes

If you’ve been keeping up with the Superman line of books of late – and you should because they’ve been nothing short of awesome – then you’re well aware of the new status quo forged by the events of “Superman Reborn.” Basically, Supermen pre and post-Flashpoint were merged into one being, also melding their respective histories.

As such, that’s made many readers, myself included, wonder how it’ll affect other books, namely that of Superwoman. Don’t forget that Lana Lang acquired her powers upon the death of the New 52 Superman, as did the recently deceased New 52 Lois Lane, another plot point that needs to be addressed because Lois’ history has been consolidated as well.

With a daunting task ahead of her, new series writer K. Perkins recently spoke with Newsarama and said that she’ll indeed address these important issues, first saying that the Lois stuff will be explored, followed by a vague confirmation that we’ll learn how “Superman Reborn” may have altered Lana’s secret origin:

“Lois does make an appearance in #9, but as for their “new” background, you’ll have to read beyond!

“I wish I could say right now! That’s a bigger story arc we’ll be delving into more in the coming months.”

That’s admittedly not much to go on, but we can at least sleep better now. Still, why go through implementing such a major retcon less than a year after a concept is introduced? Honestly, it’s looking like the grand tapestry that makes up Superman titles is being woven on the fly.

At least Perkins did elaborate a little more on what the coming months will bring:

“I think readers can always expect character-driven storylines that build out more and more of Superwoman’s world. Specifically, here are some things to look out for coming down the line: Lana always kicking some major ass (naturally), getting answers on how and why she got her powers (which maybe includes trips to the past with some familiar faces), resurfacing of old friends and foes, and perhaps even a shakeup… Time will tell!”

Superwoman #9 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, April 19.

Source: Newsarama