Teen Titans Writer Talks Aqualad’s Intro In New Video


Having already read Teen Titans #6, I can say with confidence that it’ll not only satisfy fans of DC’s premier adolescent superhero team, but also those who adore the animated series Young Justice. And it’s not just due to the fact that the book is fun and has that strong sense of family that many find to be crucial to the series, it’s the introduction of Aqualad that will likely turn many heads as well.

In the latest episode of DC All Access, writer Benjamin Percy interestingly refers to this week’s offering as “our true issue one.” A bold statement such as that causes me to believe that everything to this point has been prelude and Aqualad will prove to be a vital component to the team going forward. Actually, Percy confirmed there will be somewhat of a revolving lineup as the series progresses, so it should be interesting to see who leaves, who joins, and all the drama in between.

As for the villains to be included in the current arc, well, I wasn’t going to spoil King Shark’s reveal at the end of issue #6, but since the author himself let the cat out of the bag, I guess it’s fair game. And it’s not only that brute that’ll make his presence known, as none other than Black Manta will soon be putting in an appearance as well as he learns he has a son, a great nod to the aforementioned Young Justice. But knowing how Percy has had the Midas Touch as of late when it comes to storytelling, don’t expect him to tread familiar water any time soon.

Teen Titans #6 is now available in comic shops.