Thanos #16 Reveals How Punisher Became Cosmic Ghost Rider


If you’ve been following what Marvel’s been up to for the past year or so, then you know how much fun they’ve been having with the Punisher. Not only has he turned a lot of heads by donning the War Machine armor in his own ongoing series, but he’s also been revealed to be the Cosmic Ghost Rider in Thanos #16.

That’s right, as part of the currently unfolding “King Thanos” storyline, we learn just what led to Frank Castle becoming an intergalactic badass in a possible future. Actually, you can view a good amount of the specifics in the accompanying preview gallery, but let’s recap for a bit, shall we?

Basically, this issue does intend on focusing on Frank’s origin as the Cosmic Ghost Rider – and it does – but, in doing so, it needs to tell us how we got there. What’s kind of funny is that it all began with the Mad Titan finally laying waste to the Avengers and various other Marvel heroes, your first tip-off that something is out of the ordinary.

So, after muttering the words “I would give anything to punish that purple sonofabitch,” Castle is immediately brought in front of Mephisto, who replies with “anything?”

Of course, the preview teases that he made deals with three devils, the other two likely being Galactus and Thanos himself. In order to be bestowed with the Power Cosmic, he’d have to strike a bargain with the Eater of Worlds and, of course, we now know him to be at the side of a certain grape despot. One thing, however, is for certain: Where we go from here should prove to be one hell of a ride.

Thanos #16 is now available in comic shops.