The 10 Most Powerful DC Characters


Superhero franchises are known for their extremely powerful characters and DC Comics is no exception. Since the very first Superman was introduced during Action Comics #1 power has been in the cosmic realm, however, since then it has evolved dramatically.

From heroes to villains power has varied but the one constant has been the complex characters and their connection to greater strengths. Whether the energy is pulled through science, the cosmos, magical forces, or even the universe itself, there has been no shortage of sources for DC’s characters.

We’ll be counting down the ten most powerful characters in the DC Comics universe today to determine who is the strongest of them all.

10. Darkseid

One of DC’s most well-known villains, Darkseid is a tyrannical ruler of the planet Apokolips and a cosmic being capable of wiping out armies single-handedly. The villain is a New God (one of Kirby’s sci-fi creations) which is why he’s one of the most powerful characters in the franchise. His most used and useful ability is the tracking lasers he can shoot from his eyes using the Omega Effect called Omega Beams. While a few are resistant to this power, most others will fall at a single attack.

9. Superman Prime

If you thought Superman was strong, you’ll be shocked to hear of the power Superman Prime possesses. A version of the son of Krypton from far in the future who has travelled through all parts of the DC Universe including Heaven and Hell, Superman Prime or Kal-El (DC One Million) has immeasurable power.

8. Elaine Belloc

Being the daughter of an angel sounds striking enough, but when her father Michael Demiurgos is one of the two brothers accredited for creating the DC multiverse, it’s no surprise Elaine Belloc is quite powerful. There’s really no shortage of abilities for Elaine (who was introduced in Lucifer) with omnipotence, wings, and atomic manipulation. Immortality is the least of your concerns when facing off against her in battle.

7. Spectre

While many antiheroes have taken on the Spectre monicker, Raguel / Aztar is by far the most powerful. After being a part of Lucifer’s rebellion against the Presence, Raguel was stripped of his memories and reincarnated as God’s vengeance. Spectre has been a part of massive events in DC universe history and boasts enormous power with the ability to travel dimensions and immortality in his arsenal.

6. The World Forger

The World Forger was the first son of Perpetua, the creator of the Multiverse, and was tasked with creating universes from fears and feelings of the beings who inhabit the multiverse. With immortality, resurrection powers, and the ability to create and wipe out entire universes at will it shouldn’t be a surprise he makes our list.

5. Anti-Monitor


When it comes to pure power, The Anti-Monitor is the strongest of Perpetua’s children. Having killed billions and destroyed worlds at will taking down the Anti-Monitor is a tall task with his godlike strength and reality-warping powers.

4. Perpetua

Since two of her children had already appeared on our list it was only a matter of time until Perpetua made an entry herself. Having created a multiverse herself as one of the hands from the Omniverse her power is almost limitless. With the ability to manipulate reality, the multiverse, and everyone within it you aren’t going to defeat this being in battle without being a divine entity yourself.

3. Michael Demiurgos

Before anything else existed there were two brothers created by the Almighty. Michael Demiurgos and his twin brother Samael. One of the two beings responsible for crafting the DC Multiverse, Michael could create but he was limited in that he couldn’t manipulate what he had made which is where his brother came in. In terms of power, it doesn’t get much more powerful with Michael boasting immortality, superhuman traits, and unlimited power.

2. Lucifer Morningstar

Originally Samael before rebelling against heaven and taking on the monicker Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifer is the other half of the equation, the brother who crafted the DC multiverse with Michael. With his brother boasting physical strength and the ability to create, Lucifer’s skillset is more tailored to magical abilities and his manipulation skills used in creation.

1. The Presence

The Presence

The Presence is God within the DC Universe. While we never see him do battle we know that given he created all that exists his power level must be above the rest of the characters in the franchise just by his nature.