The MCU must adapt Marvel’s answer to the Met Gala to reboot a beloved franchise the right way

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In a week where the entirety of nerd culture is excited about the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the celebrity and fashion world has been swept up in the glitz and glamor of the Met Gala. While you might not expect Hollywood’s biggest party of the year to have much crossover potential with the MCU, however, let’s hope the close proximity of the two aforementioned events has given Kevin Feige the idea to introduce Marvel’s own answer to the Met Gala in the franchise’s not-so-distant future.

As comic book readers may know, one of the best and most talked-about innovations in the X-Men universe in recent years is the introduction of the Hellfire Gala, a flashy ball held on the mutant island nation of Krakoa. As originally hosted by the X-Men’s own queen of fashion, Emma Frost, the Hellfire Gala has become a yearly tradition since the initial comic book storyline in 2021, with the third annual event due later this year.

Much like the Met, the Hellfire Gala is attended by the biggest names in the Marvel universe, all decked out in ostentatious, high-couture versions of their traditional superhero costumes. Comic book fans adore seeing what the characters wear to the event just as the internet does for the celebs who attend the Met Gala, proving that followers of fashion and superhero entertainment aren’t that different after all.

Hellfire Gala 2021
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We still don’t know when or how the X-Men will be folded into the MCU, but bringing the Hellfire Gala to the screen with them is a must. There’s not much that gets Marvel viewers talking like a new updated outfit for their favorite heroes, so imagine the buzz around a live-action Hellfire Gala that saw them dressing up like never before.

In addition, the Gala isn’t all about the glamor as it could have major repercussions for the overall saga too. Imagine the Avengers, the X-Men, and others teaming up, not for a big fight against a villain, but for a swanky social occasion? And we really need to see the moment Deadpool tried to gatecrash the party, before bouncers Wolverine and Colossus blocked his way, made a reality.

Whether it happens sooner (Deadpool 3, fingers crossed) or later (the eventual X-Men reboot), a live-action MCU Hellfire Gala would be the perfect way to reboot mutantkind in style.

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