Variant Cover For The Walking Dead #163 Gives Rick Grimes A Drastic Makeover


In a recent issue of The Walking Dead, Negan’s iconic baseball bat Lucille was destroyed, leaving the villain distraught and quite possibly on a very different path. While he’s unlikely to give up his evil ways, it looks like he may at least consider turning over a new leaf, but does that mean Rick Grimes is about to take a turn to the dark side?

If this variant cover for The Walking Dead #163 is to be believed, then yes, as it features Rick Grimes wearing Negan’s jacket and wielding Lucille. It’s important to note that this cover may have just been created for fun (it does, after all, offer up a very cool piece of imagery), but this wouldn’t be the first time the comic book series has teased Rick going down a more extreme route.

Back when Negan was locked up in his basement, Rick frequently turned to him for advice in how best to lead the survivors in Alexandria and his methods really did work, so it’s now possible that he’s going to continue using some of the villain’s more extreme methods. Who knows, we may very well even end up seeing the two working together?

Time will tell, but everything that happens in The Walking Dead comic book usually has an impact on the TV series, so we’re going to have to keep a very close eye on how things develop from here.