The War Rages On In Death Of Hawkman #4


In addition to the super violent Midnighter and Apollo that’s been keeping us on the edge our seats, another intriguing miniseries DC has had to offer of late is that of Death of Hawkman.

Despite its ominous title, it’s arguable that this book has placed more focus on Adam Strange. That’s somewhat understandable as this was originally solicited as a co-headlining situation and the “Death of” angle may have been added to boost sales. Regardless of that, this has proved to be an amusing, yet compelling buddy tale involving two heroes representing planets that couldn’t hate each other more.

If DC truly does pull the trigger on Hawkman, one has to wonder if and how long the character will remain dead. Not only is death becoming increasingly more impermanent in the realm of comics, but the Thanagarian warrior has been known to reincarnate. And, lest we forget, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow took full advantage of this during its first season. Will the publisher kill off Carter Hall only to resurrect him in his own Rebirth title sometime this year? Time will tell.

For more information, be sure to check out the official synopsis below:

Having uncovered Despero’s plans to acquire the Zeta energy, Hawkman and Adam Strange realize that hundreds of thousands of Thanagarians could perish in the process! But is it already too late for Thanagar?

Death of Hawkman #4 storms into comic shops this Wednesday, January 4. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this gallery of preview images up above.