Marvel Releases New Tribute To The Late Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Though it’s been nearly three months since Stan Lee‘s unfortunate passing, I think it’s fair to say that world is still left shaken by the loss of a legend. After all, not only did he create icons such as the X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man and countless others, but he also featured in a variety of cameos in Marvel movies and even continued making convention appearances well into his twilight years. Needless to say, he was always a man of the people.

In an effort to preserve Lee’s legacy and contributions to the medium, the House of Ideas has opted to resurrect “Stan Soapbox” in this week’s batch of new Marvel comics arriving in stores. Odds are that a fair amount of you will see for yourself by the end of the day because Daredevil #1 is likely to fly off shelves, but we’ll offer a preview of sorts in the meantime.

Here’s a message from Stan himself originally published in 1967 that perfectly encapsulates how he loved his fans:

“This is as good a place as any to thank you once more for being the most wonderful fans any publishing company ever had! If Marvel is on top of the heap, it’s your support that’s put us there! If Marvel gives you the type of mags you want, it’s our letters that have told us how! And, if Marvel occasionally comes up with a clinker, go hang your head, hero! Whatever we are, you’ve made us! We’ve had a lot of laughs together, and a lot of excitement- and the best is till ahead! So face front, frantic one. Marvel’s on the march- and we’re not taking a step without you! On behalf of the entire batty Bullpen, to True Believers, everywhere- we’ll never let you down, ‘cause you’re the ever-loving’ greatest!”

Those familiar with comics of yesteryear know how Lee had a knack for establishing a relationship with readers like few others could. It wasn’t just those “Stan’s Soapbox” columns that warmed hearts, but it was his way of directly talking to you during the narratives of his tales. In fact, one could say this quality is what helped in making Marvel a force back in the day.

Right now, we’re not sure of how long these tributes to Stan Lee will continue, but it’s doubtful True Believers won’t mind experiencing such nostalgia until the publisher places other content in their books. And if you’d like to see these columns in their original forms, you can always hunt down back issues at your local comic shop or at various events.