WGTC’s Monroe Comic-Con 2018 Recap And Gallery

Though it sure did take some time, I was finally able to cross the Monroe Comic-Con off my list of events I’ve attended and covered. Like many other lovers of pop culture, I, too, was there at the MBT Expo Center in Monroe, Michigan this past Saturday in order to experience one of the most talked about one-day shows in the area – and I was not disappointed.

If you’ve yet to take in this one for yourself, know that while it’s technically a smaller convention, it does capture the feeling of larger ones in various respects. To be succinct, a sizable showroom floor is populated by many vendors and crafters, thus allowing you to get your fix if indeed you feel like dropping some cash on comics and toys. In addition to those requisites, celebrity guests and comic book creators were on hand, should attendees wish to score some autographs.

Admittedly, I was somewhat bummed due to Supernatural alum A.J. Buckley having to cancel, but I do understand that his shooting schedule on SEAL Team must take priority. On the plus side, though, the likes of Brandon Jay McLaren, Camille Hyde, Michael Foster and Star Wars veteran Jerome Blake were still able to put in appearances.

When it came to those who bring us the comics we consume, I must say that I was quite jazzed when Clayton Crain signed my copies of Carnage, USA and Staunch Ambition #3 (you can check out some of his Punisher art at the top of this article), not to mention catching up with Brian E. Lau, the chief architect behind the latter title. And when it came to industry legend Arvell Jones, it was cool to see his enthusiasm after seeing his creation, Misty Knight, being brought to life by Netflix’s Luke Cage series.

Of course, no get together of this sort would be complete without cosplayers, and there were certainly no shortage of those. In fact, you can glimpse some of our favorites in the gallery above, which were found around the showroom floor and in the booths immediately outdoors.

While still on the subject of cosplay, I’d like to tip my hat to those representing the League of Enchantment, a group of costumed heroes known for their charity work here in Michigan. Their panel was both touching and informative, as the Lansing Batman and several others took point by summing up their mission for those willing to lend an ear.

Before I get out of here, I’d like to say it’s fully recommended that you swing by the Monroe Comic-Con next year in order to see which guests they’ll be able to book, and hopefully I’ll be back on behalf of We Got This Covered for my second go-round as well.