All Will Be Revealed In Harley Quinn #13

It can be argued that the current story arc being explored in the pages of Harley Quinn, “Joker Loves Harley,” is the strongest this title has yet to offer in the young Rebirth era. Seeing a Joker that is apologetic and sympathetic as opposed to the abusive mass murderer we all know him to be certainly raised a lot of eyebrows.

Those uncharacteristic behavioral qualities compounded with an unexpected pacifist approach have caused many – myself included – to question whether this is actually the real Joker making a bid for Harley’s heart. Let us not forget how she pointed out his lip miraculously healed after she bit off part of it in their previous meeting, a violent encounter within Arkham Asylum.

While it’s entirely possible that Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and John Timms could very well be exploring the mystery of there being three Jokers that was introduced in Justice League #50 last spring, we can’t rule out they have a twist in store for us. It should be noted that Harley has had her share of stalkers in the past and one could have gotten an extreme makeover in an attempt to win her over.

The preview gallery at the top confirms that she too is having a hard time believing this is indeed her former lover and strategically leaves off when she demands answers. But despite DC obviously leaving us in the dark until the book ships, we can at least feast our eyes on one of Amanda Conner’s most creative covers to date.

Harley Quinn #13 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, February 1. The official synopsis can be found below:

Joker Loves Harley” finale! Just how did a gentle, “reformed” Joker come to arrive at Harley’s doorstep when everyone believed him dead and gone? The answer’s in this issue—and it’ll shock you!