The Wolverine Returning May Not Be The One Fans Are Hoping For

As of right now, the Wolverine currently running around the Marvel Universe is the Old Man Logan version who hails from an alternate timeline, while the original remains encased in an Adamantium tomb after his demise a few years back. However, in recent weeks, we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the hero making his return, but new evidence/speculation seemingly points to fans getting excited about that being left seriously disappointed.

As you can see in the gallery above, Marvel has released two pixellated covers for June’s X-Men: Blue #5 and #6, and they seemingly feature Wolverine’s return. Or not.

As many fans have pointed out on social media, this Wolverine is wearing a hoodie and clothes which are nearly identical to those worn by Jimmy Hudson, the hero’s son from the Ultimate Universe. He took his father’s place in that world too and the fact that the pixellated character seemingly has blonde hair adds further weight to this.

How he’ll return here remains to be seen, but considering the fact X-Men: Blue writer Cullen Bunn created him, this being Jimmy seems like a given. He would obviously also fit in in a team made up of the original, younger X-Men, especially as there’ve been teases of a love triangle taking place in these pages.

As a result, we’re left with Old Man Logan, X-23 and Jimmy Hudson, but no Wolverine. Marvel sure knows how to disappoint, eh?