Wonder Woman To Get New Creative Team This July

From what we can tell, Wonder Woman has a big summer ahead of her. Not only does her first headlining gig in a movie arrive in cinemas on June 2, but DC has decided to make the very next day all about her, complete with free comics to give out. But aside from all that awesomeness, you can expect some big shakeups in her ongoing series in the next few months.

First, it should be known that writer Greg Rucka and artist Liam Sharp, the very creative team that brought Diana into the Rebirth era, will vacate the title with Wonder Woman #25 in June. Don’t worry, they’re not getting fired or leaving with animosity. Truth be told, the story they set out to tell will have concluded and they’re both moving on to other projects.

As for who will be replacing him, well, it’s actually quite interesting because both incoming creators have previously worked on the character, albeit in different forms. Shea Fontana, known for writing DC Super Hero Girls, will handle scripting duties for at least five issues, beginning with Wonder Woman #26.

In fact, Fontana recently told The Hollywood Reporter what it’s like to write for a matured Amazon Princess as opposed to the teenage version she’s become known for:

“Having worked on DC Super Hero Girls for the last few years, I have a great sense of Wondy, a teenage Wonder Woman in a high school setting, and it’s an honor and an adrenaline rush to be writing her now ‘all grown up. Many of her core characteristics continue to remain routed in peace, justice and equality, but as an adult she’s seen a lot more war and tragedy, and is dealing with her world from a wiser, more experienced point of view.”

Joining her on art will be Mirka Andolfo of DC Comics Bombshells fame. As of now, she’s penciled in to draw the first two issues, so who may be tagging in after her remains a mystery at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted.

Wonder Woman #26 is scheduled to arrive in comic shops on July 12.