X-Men Red: Marvel Reveals Who’ll Be On Jean Grey’s Team


These days, people don’t take comic book deaths seriously – and there’s a reason for that. Basically, pretty much any hero or villain to have bitten to the dust returns at some point, usually within a few years when it comes to deaths that have occurred in this decade. Still, there are a few to never have been undone or have stuck for quite some time.

One such example is that of Jean Grey, whom the House of Ideas will be bringing back later this year in the five-issue limited series, Phoenix Resurrection and, subsequently, in 2018’s X-Men Red. But before you commence any eye rolling, take a moment to think about how an event such as this will impact mutants at large and what kind of stories can be told.

Quite frankly, the emergence of yet another ongoing shouldn’t surprise us, especially when you take the recent success of the Blue and Gold books into account. Plus, with several unique Avengers teams running around in the 616, is it really so unbelievable that another cadre of mutants couldn’t work?

Last week, Marvel let loose the first details regarding this must read series, but now, we know who’ll actually be rounding out the new team led by Jean Grey: Namor, Nightcrawler, All-New Wolverine, her sister Gabby, Gentle (a mutant from Wakanda), and the mysterious new character Trinary. Not only that, but X-Men group editor Mark Paniccia hints there’s one more yet to be revealed:

“We’ve also got one more fan-favorite hero joining the team in this first arc. As the threat level escalates, Jean needs to build a highly specialized team…not just those she trusts, but allies who can survive the oncoming storm.”

Additionally, a synopsis of sorts has been provided:

When one of the most dangerous X-Men villains returns to wreak havoc, Jean’s dreams of peace are threatened…and order starts to turn to chaos. It’s mutant against mutant this February in an all-new adventure that will have X-fans on the edge of their seats, as Jean Grey’s team takes on the Marvel Universe – only in X-MEN RED!

X-Men Red is slated to arrive in comic shops in February of 2018.