Here’s What You Need To Know About This Year’s Monroe Comic-Con

Thanos Legacy

Thanos Legacy

During my years of attending and covering conventions in southeast Michigan, there’s been one event in particular that’s somehow eluded me, that being Monroe Comic-Con.

Fortunately, I’ll be able to check off that box very shortly when I count myself among those filing into the MBT Expo Center on September 15th. For some time, I’ve heard stories from others recalling the great times they’ve had, so it’ll be a pleasure of mine to share my experience with We Got This Covered’s readers.

Having paid attention to social media and checking out the show’s official website, it sure does look like there’ll be a lot of ground to cover in one day, but I’m certainly up to the challenge. From what I’ve seen, a lot of vendors will be on hand with comics and collectibles to satisfy people like myself who come with cash at the ready, though attendees should also anticipate some notable guests putting in appearances.

Carnage USA

When it comes to screen actors, the likes of A.J. Buckley (Supernatural, SEAL Team) and Jerome Blake (Star Wars, The Fifth Element) are bound to turn a few heads. And though this’ll be my first Monroe Comic-Con as I stated earlier, I’m well aware of how they’ve booked Power Rangers veterans in previous years, and that proud tradition continues with Brandon McLaren and Camille Hyde.

As for notable artists that you’ll be able to visit, know that Clayton Crain (you can sample his work from Thanos Legacy and Carnage, USA in this very article), Glenn Fabry (Preacher, Hellblazer), Jason Moore (Batman: Haunted Gotham) and even Misty Knight co-creator Arvell Jones have been confirmed.

Come to think of it, now is the time to say we’ll be on the lookout for talented local cosplayers to grace the gallery which’ll be included in the eventual recap, so be sure to don the threads of your favorite superhero (or villain) before you head out the door.

For much more information regarding Monroe Comic-Con, you’re encouraged to head over to their official website by clicking here.