5 Artists Bound To Debut Unreleased Tracks At Digital Dreams


If you hit a lot of festivals each year, Digital Dreams probably won’t expose you to many artists you haven’t already seen. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a quality event – arguably even the biggest one in Canada – but with how much the biggest names on the bill have already bounced around the country so far this summer, experienced festivalgoers will be hard pressed to catch a set from an artist that they’ve never seen play before.

If you know which sets to see, though, you can still catch plenty of exciting new material from some of these artists. When a producer’s got a new album in the works, they can’t wait to start playing their new music live. The recordings of these as-yet-unreleased IDs become hot topics as they make their rounds in the EDM blogosphere, and getting to hear them first can be the factor that makes your festival experience memorable.

If you’re going to Digital Dreams at The Flats at Ontario Place, then you’re going to have a good time no matter what, but by working the following five artists’ performances into your schedule, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of being on the ground floor when something noteworthy happens.