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Who is Ed Helms’ wife and daughter?

Who is the woman behind this comedy legend?

Ed Helms has been well-known in Hollywood, for quite a while now. You probably recognize him as the loveable character of “Andy Bernard” in the hit show The OfficeHe first appeared in season 3 as Jim’s classic annoyingly competitive, trust-funded, Ivy League office colleague during his time in the Stamford office.

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Or, maybe to some audiences, he’s known as Stu, the twice-married, occasionally toothless, and temporarily tattooed member of “The Wolfpack,” all of whom survived The Hangover trilogy of films.

Helms has also starred in several films, including The Lorax, Love The Coopers, Chappaquiddick, Father Figures, Corporate Animals, Tag, Coffee & Kareem, Vacation, Cedar Rapids, and other comedy projects.

However you choose to think of Helms and his numerous roles, very little is actually known about him. While some celebrities seem to live their private lives on camera, Helms is certainly not that way. He admits to having a wife and child, but he is relatively tight-lipped regarding them. Such “secrecy” does leave even the most casual fan wondering more about him.

The mysterious family of Ed Helms

Despite Helm’s extensive on-camera presence, he is a very private person off-camera. But when it comes to his closest loved ones, he does casually mention them in interviews. For example, in one interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he described his wife as very “outdoorsy,” saying she would like to go camping for vacation, something that isn’t Helms’ thing. That must make for quite the family affair.

Speaking of affairs, during his time on Kimmel’s show, Helms revealed a story about when he was rumored to be having an affair with actress Demi Moore. Ironically enough, he explained, the story came out while he was on vacation with his family. His publicist told him that a tabloid article claimed he and Moore were spending time together off-screen.

He vehemently denied the affair. In fact, his family had a hilarious response to the rumors. He joked that when he informed his wife of the situation, she said, “Demi Moore, high five!” Can you believe this tabloid thought you and Demi Moore could be a couple?'” Sounds like Mrs. Helms has just as much a sense of humor as her husband!

What about Ed Helms’ daughter?

Aside from funny anecdotes about his wife, he also avoids revealing too many details about his daughter. When Jimmy Kimmel tried to pry the name out of him during another episode with Helms, Ed hilariously responded with, “Her name, weirdly, is Jimmy Kimmel.” The response, of course, prompted much laughter but also was a master deflection. Her name was never revealed.

Just like he did with his wife, Helms has spoken about his role as a parent and various interactions with his daughter. In fact, during a virtual appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actor shared a story about a road trip with his family that had unintentionally prompted his daughter’s latest addiction to TV.

Helms revealed that they didn’t generally allow his daughter to watch much TV, if any. “We can put an iPad up, and it’s like the greatest thing in the world to her. And actually, it kept her pretty chill for this extremely long drive,” Helms told DeGeneres.” But it was also maybe a miscalculation because when a kid doesn’t get much TV and then gets this massive dose, it’s like heroin,” Helms admitted that it was quite a struggle to get things back to normal finally.” It is a brutal battle trying to readjust a child to no TV.”

In the same interview, he talked about his daughter’s musical talent and interest, which is clearly a family trait. Helms displayed his own musical talents through the character of acapella-loving, guitar-playing Andy in The Office. It seems apparently, his daughter shares the same love of music. He even revealed that singing is part of their daily routine. He even narrates the day in songs; whether she’s playing with toys or eating granola bars, he will sing it out. “They are not good songs,” he admits.

What’s Ed Helms like away from the spotlight?

Helms obviously loves his acting career and reportedly loves LA, saying, “I’m kind of embarrassed by how quickly I adjusted to LA. I really love it.” Yet he seems to treat Hollywood more like a job than his identity. While many celebrities openly share lots of details about their lives – often without being asked first – Helms is quite the opposite.

This certainly makes sense, as we have all seen the destructive effects Hollywood’s paparazzi and prying camera eyes can have on celebrities’ families. It seems a wise move on Helms’ part to keep his work in Hollywood about exactly that, his work and his private life, well out of the public eye.

Other than a few interviews here or there, Helms has not really revealed much about his family life. While he clearly cherishes his relationship with his family and is very protective of them, we can’t help but hope for more insights from him. Come on, Ed, just give us something!

But all joking aside, it’s a genius move. Knowledge is power, as they say, and Helms ensures that the paparazzi have no power over his career or family. Looks like those Cornell smarts aren’t just an Andy Bernard quality!

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