Our Favorite EDM Songs From May 2015


With the festival circuit now in full swing, May brought with it a ton of quality tracks from every shade of the dance music spectrum. This is the time of year at which every artist’s management gives them the okay to finally drop whatever gems they’ve been sitting on to the public – and for good reason, as all it can take for a song to become a summer anthem is the right DJ playing it in front of the right crowd.

In all actuality, though, some of the artists behind the May releases that we think you should check out don’t want to be associated with festival mainstagers and would hate to learn that they were included on a list with the word “EDM” anywhere near it. Elitism aside, though, they represent a cross section of the electronic music landscape that’s grown wider and wider as what has been dubbed the “deep house movement” has helped the youngest generation of fans graduate from drops to grooves.

In these musically abundant months it gets harder and harder for us to whittle these lists down to ten entries, so go crazy in the comments telling us what you think we should have included (or not included, as it were).