Our Favorite EDM Songs From May 2015

1) Gigamesh – The Music

Prolific pop music ghost producer Matthew Masurka – better known by his stage name Gigamesh – has garnered the attention of a global audience for the wide range of influences represented in his eclectic rhythms. With “The Music,” he starts with a simple, isolated piano roll before building up to a melodious progression as timeless as it is infectious.

In a phase during which dance music seems dead set on reinventing itself over and over again, stripped-down approaches like these speak louder than genre fads. In that sense, “The Music” is the perfect name for this track; without any of the production gimmicks driving electronic music into the ground, this track leaves its listener free to focus on exactly that.

2) Troyboi – Wonky

If you’re the kind of electronic music fan who refuses to listen to trap music at all costs, then we’ve got good news for you: Troyboi isn’t really trap music! He’s not really hip-hop either, though; he’s more or less what you get when you take the psychedelic sensibilities of UK dance music and apply them to a beatsmith of the bass music varieties.

“Wonky” showcases Troyboi’s otherworldly production chops in full effect. His surrealistic fusion of samples and synths is evident throughout, making the track a must-hear for anyone with a finger on the pulse of dance music.