John Cameron’s 10 Best Electronic Music Tracks Of 2015

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As another year chock full of electronic music releases comes to a close, the EDM blogosphere once again tries to speculate which tracks will be most remembered from the past 12 months. As a whole, dance music in 2015 has been characterized by a return to more classic styles, and this trend strongly reflects in the releases of individual artists.

As much as the phenomenon of main stage EDM may have seemed like a runaway train in the years that have followed its breach into mainstream consciousness, many of the genre’s tastemakers have begun to favor more underground styles. This has led to increased presence of such tracks in DJ sets across the globe – but in many cases, it’s even caused some of the movement’s most influential artists to steer their own styles in arguably more obscure directions.

Being the turning point that it is for all things EDM, 2015 will be remembered for releases that span a broad stylistic range while still remaining anchored to the influences at the movement’s foundation.

So, on that note, check out my picks for the 10 best electronic music tracks of 2015.