You Can Now Get 12 Months Of PlayStation Plus For Under $37


Ever since Sony increased the price of their PlayStation Plus membership to $60, it’s been a little tough to find incredible deals to pad out your subscription. You usually have to wait until the holidays to find deals in the $45 range, but good news, gamers – it seems like Christmas has come early this year.

Right now, CDKeys is offering a digital code for a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription for only $36.97, and you’ll receive it in your email within minutes. That’s a hell of a deal any time of the year, so it might be worth grabbing multiples so you can stack them for a few years’ worth of extra time.

If you’re not looking to commit to 12 months at the moment, they’ve also got a sweet deal on a 3-month code for a mere $16.49. Not a fan of digital codes? You can head over to eBay right now and snag a physical card for the low price of $37.50 and receive it in your mail box. Choices, choices!

Now is a great time to get on board the PlayStation Plus train, too. This month’s free games are Dirt Rally 2.0 and Uncharted 4, and you’ve only got until the end of April to snag them. You’ll probably want to pick up the latter considering the remastered collection of the first three games are included in Sony’s current Play at Home initiative. That’s right – Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection can round out your collection so that you can see the entire journey of everyone’s favorite treasure hunting hero.

Sony hasn’t yet announced what games will be available on PlayStation Plus for the month of May, nor have they confirmed if their Play at Home initiative will grant users an additional two free games again next month. But stay tuned here for further updates.