2064: Read Only Memories Release Date, Voice Cast Revealed


Late last year, developer MidBoss announced that they would be bringing their debut effort Read Only Memories to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016. After months of waiting, the studio finally revealed that their cyberpunk adventure will launch on Sony consoles on August 16.

Newly rechristened as 2064: Read Only Memories, the title transports players to Neo-San Francisco, 2064 A.D. You play as a struggling journalist whose life is interrupted by the arrival of a ROM (Relationship and Organizational Manager) named Turing. Soon enough, the two of you are thrown into a deep mystery that begins as a missing persons case, but develops into something much more complicated.

Back when the title was originally released on PC, there was no voice acting for any of the numerous denizens of Neo-San Francisco. MidBoss was able to make due with enthralling written text and animation. For this pseudo-Director’s Cut edition of Read Only Memories, though, the studio went all out with the vocal talent. The cast ranges from seasoned voice actors to gaming journalists to WWE Tag Team Champions.

Some of the notable names include:

  • Melissa Hutchison – Turing
  • Erin Yvette – Tomcat
  • Sarah Elmaleh – Lexi
  • Sarah Williams – Jess
  • Lonnie Alex – Ramona
  • Erin Fitzgerald – Melody
  • Jim Sterling – Brian
  • Zoe Quinn – Katelyn
  • Dan Ryckert – Broke
  • Austin Creed – Vincent
  • Todd Bridges – Hayden

Besides the newly recorded dialogue, the PS4/Vita version of Read Only Memories also includes a few additional tweaks. The release will boast reworked dialogue, improved animations, new characters and additional puzzles that are designed to be more challenging. The port will also include the recently released extra Endless Christmas epilogue.

2064: Read Only Memories will hit North American PS4 and Vita consoles this August. The release will carry a standard cost of $19.99, but will be available for only $17.99 at launch.

Source: MidBoss Blog