2K Games Pulls The Curtain Back On WWE 2K16’s Universe Mode Ahead Of Next Week’s Release

wwe2k16 universe-w800-h600

Over the past few weeks, 2K Games has been steadily releasing details about the upcoming WWE 2K16. We’ve had the entire superstar and diva roster unveiled, as well as detailed news regarding the title’s creation suite. With the grappler set to launch next week, 2K Games has decided it is time to showcase the new and improved Universe mode.

Playing like a cross between the traditional gameplay of the series and the popular PC sim Total Extreme Warfare, Universe mode allows players to create their own version of WWE. As the 2K Games blog points out, you’ll now be able to live out your Corporate Kane fantasies in WWE 2K16. Or at least,, your fantasies about holding the same booking power that Corporate Kane does. Not any of your weird fantasies.

One of the biggest changes coming with this year’s version of Universe mode is that superstars and divas will no longer be confined to specific brands. Previously, certain grapplers could only be used on specific brands of WWE programming. This issue not only hindered the ability of wanna-be producers to take full control of their shows, but also lead to a lot of similar looking cards online. Not anymore, though, as now every card you create can have its own unique flavor of your choosing.

Additionally, superstars will now have their own unique traits and actions in Universe mode. When you first begin your show-creating career, these attributes will be similar to the real-life personalities of these characters. So, Brock Lesnar will be as much of an unstable monster as he is on current WWE programming. However, if you book these grapplers against their typical personality traits, they’ll begin to shift over time.

How you book your superstars and divas will also determine whether or not they are granted temporary status effects. These effects, which can be either positive or negative, are triggered through gameplay and certain storylines. For example, if you book, let’s say, Stardust to win several big matches, he’ll get a Momentum or Hot Streak boost. However, if you have him constantly lose, he may be the recipient of a Cold Streak or Distracted effect. Superstars can also be plagued by injuries, which will have an effect on how they perform when it comes to fighting.

WWE 2K16 is set to launch on October 27th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.