3 Great Games Are Now Free To Play On Xbox One For Limited Time

Rocket Arena

Let’s be honest: if you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you’re probably feeling a little short-changed right about now. As has been true for almost the entirety of 2020, Microsoft’s hand-picked choice of different games to be given away each month has been lacking, let’s say, some much-needed oomph. Indeed, August’s upcoming selection, perhaps more than any other prior, has been getting absolutely roasted on social media, with many believing the poor selection to be a direct result of Game Pass’ increasing popularity.

Whatever the case, Games With Gold isn’t the only avenue available to Xbox owners to score some free entertainment. Each weekend, a trio of titles waive their usual asking price, giving any current Gold member the opportunity to dive in and get some hands-on time with some of the best in the business. Do note, though, that as the name suggests, these Free Play Days run for a limited amount of time and you must pay in order to keep playing beyond the trial period.


Fortunately, you can pick up any of the three for considerably cheaper than the standard asking price, should you decide to do so. The games available to play for free this weekend and their associated discounts are as follows:

  • Two Point Hospital – $23.99
  • Disintegration – $29.99
  • Rocket Arena – $6.00

You are, of course, free to give all of the above a try, though if you’ve only got time for one, we’d suggest Two Point Hospital. Created by former members of Bullfrog Studios (later Lionhead), the business simulation game, while different in name, is an unofficial sequel to 1997 classic Theme Hospital boasting superior visuals and updated gameplay for modern tastes. Still not convinced? You can check out WGTC’s original review by heading over here.

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