PlayStation 4 Now Offering 5 Games For Under $1

PlayStation Store

Everyone likes to save a little money, and if you’re a gamer looking to expand your collection a bit, Sony has you covered with some super cheap PlayStation 4 deals right now.

The PlayStation Store is currently home to multiple major sales, including over 400 games under $20 and a special “hidden gems” sale that discounts a lot of stellar but lesser-known titles that you may have overlooked over the past few years. Within these two massive sales though exist a few games that are going for $1 or under, and while they’re not AAA experiences looking to knock your socks off, these budget titles are at least worth their meager asking price.

First up is the quirky little indie game Defunct, which casts players as a cute robot stranded on a post-apocalyptic Earth and tasked with getting back to its ship before it’s too late. Coming in at only $0.74, you could sure do a heck of a lot worse. And if you’re really on a robot kick after playing Defunct, you can also grab Shiny – A Robot Adventure for a measly $0.29 and explore more adventures as a machine.

The music-themed AereA, meanwhile, is on sale for only $0.59, and that’s a pretty solid price for this isometric role-playing adventure. It’s colorful and cute and at least worth a quick glance.

PlayStation Store

Elsewhere, Real Farm is only $0.79, so you can always check it out for some agricultural simulation. Keep in mind, however, that Farming Simulator 19 is free on PlayStation Plus this month if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial in the farming sim genre.

Lastly, you can live out your fantasy of playing as a giant in the world-shaping Reus, which allows you to craft and manage an entire planet as a massive god-like creature for the low price of $0.44.

These deals won’t last forever, of course, so act fast and grab anything that tickles your fancy while you’ve got a chance. And be sure to look over the rest of the offerings from the two huge PlayStation 4 sales because there are plenty of other fantastic games for cheap prices that you won’t want to miss.

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