Don’t Miss Out On 52 Minutes’ Worth Of Evolve Gameplay


We’ve all read about Evolve — the Left 4 Dead-inspired multiplayer shooter from Turtle Rock Studios — but now we can actually see the game in action, thanks to a 52-minute-long gameplay video that has appeared on the developer’s YouTube channel.

The aforementioned gameplay — which is far from brief — chronicles a 4-v-1 match that was played earlier this month, in the sunny state of California. What’s neat, though, is the fact that we get to see the action from more than one perspective, as all five players’ viewpoints are presented. If you’ve been following the title so far, then you’ll know what that means: monster footage, from the one player who got to assume the role.

If you’re at all curious about Evolve, I would suggest checking out the video below. It’s highly informative and the game really does look like a ton of fun. Just make sure to turn annotations on before viewing.

Evolve will let its monsters out of their cages sometime this Fall, when it hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.