7 Remasters We’d Love To Hear About At E3 2016

dead space 2

Love them or hate them, remasters are here to stay. They’re a great way to bring well loved games from past generation(s) to a potentially new audience, while also allowing returning fans to play the games they love on new hardware, and in new and improved fashion. Of course, they’re also a moneymaking machine, acting as a method for earning cash to put towards sequels and other new projects.

Although we agree that, at times, this trend has gotten a bit ahead of itself, we here at We Got This Covered have enjoyed revisiting some of our favourite games from yesteryear through remasters and definitive collections. We get that some folks hate them, and see them as money grabs, but it’s nice to be able to pop in an updated classic and enjoy it on better hardware. Everything is a business, after all, and gaming is no different, which makes it easier to accept the technique’s financially-influenced side, as well.


Of course, now that E3 2016 is just days away from getting started, it won’t be long before we’ll know exactly what games the industry’s biggest and brightest have up their sleeves for 2016 and the future ahead. Most will be new titles, but thinking that they will all be entirely new IPs and sequels would just be silly. There’s no doubt in our minds that at least a couple remaster projects will be announced at next week’s expo, especially since rumours have already begun to circulate.

So, on that note, read on for 7 remastered video games we hope to hear about at E3 2016.