7 Remasters We’d Love To Hear About At E3 2016

6) The BioShock Series

Bioshock: Infinite

Having been rumoured about for quite some time now, it’d be great if all this talk about a collection featuring at least the first two BioShock games would come to fruition. All three being included would be ideal, though, given how they all tie into one another and how shitty it is when supposed collections leave one or two entries out.

Since its original announcement and its triumphant release, the BioShock series has received critical and fan acclaim, all of which has been well-deserved. Sure, its second outing wasn’t up to par with its first, but it still had a lot to offer and was a solid game overall. BioShock Infinite, with its trip to the skies, was better and deserves to be considered in conversations about the top games of the last generation.


The thing about BioShock is that it’s just so unique, with regards to its settings, its lore and its gameplay. Sure, it’s a shooter at heart, but there’s so much to the game world that it feels unlike anything else. Granted, it’s the plasmid powers that truly help make you feel like you’re playing something different and truly special, as they act as visceral game changers that make for deviously fun gameplay.

With updated visuals, better effects and the polish that could come with a remastered effort, the BioShock games would flourish on current gen hardware. It’d also be great to replay them, as Rapture is easily one of the greatest locations gaming has ever taken us to.