Akuma Teased As Street Fighter V’s Next DLC Character; Playable Next Month At PlayStation Experience


Iconic Street Fighter character Akuma is headed to Street Fighter V in the near future, Capcom has revealed by way of a teaser trailer.

Shown during the North American regional finals of the Red Bull Battle Grounds tournament, the video (above) shows no direct gameplay footage of the character, but we do get a glimpse of what appears to be a new stage set in an abandoned dojo as well as a close-up shot of the combatant’s recognizable attire.

Curiously, a mysterious Kanji symbol is shown adorning the back of Akuma’s gi, which fans have been attempting to decipher the meaning of. As of now, it looks like the symbols roughly translate to the phrase “god above man,” perhaps suggesting that Ryu’s longtime rival has reached new heights since his last appearance.

Capcom stopped short of announcing a release date for Akuma during the event, but did confirm that he’ll be playable at this year’s PlayStation Experience event on December 3.

Street Fighter V has struggled to find its feet ever since being released earlier this year, with the most recent reports suggesting that sales of the beat ’em up have been disappointing to say the least. Can the inclusion of Akuma – a famous face among series fans – be enough to generate renewed interest in Street Fighter V? We’ll have to wait and see.