Report: Street Fighter V Sales Have Slumped; Less Than 100k Copies Sold Over Last Six Months

Street Fighter V


Sales of Street Fighter V appear to be in dire straits right now. A new financial report recently published by Capcom has placed current lifetime sales of the beat ’em up at 1.4 million units since the game’s launch back in February which, amazingly, is the exact same number mentioned in the company’s previous report.

As noted by NeoGAF user Okami (via Game Informer), the 1.4 million sales figure released by Capcom six months ago hasn’t budged whatsoever, meaning that – assuming the numbers are accurate – the follow-up to 2008’s Street Fighter IV has sold less than 100,000 copies over a six month period, which is rather alarming considering Capcom had expected the brawler to sell 2 million units during its launch window.


It’s no secret that Street Fighter V experienced a near-catastrophic launch. The sequel was hit with huge criticism concerning its general lack of content, including the total absence of an arcade mode and the general neglect of any single-player options. Several updates have been released in the months since, including a cinematic story mode and several new characters, but it appears as if that hasn’t been enough to draw in more players.

The fate of Street Fighter V remains to be seen. The game’s most recent update saw the release of Urien, the final character included in the first season of DLC characters, but Capcom has been remarkably quiet on the potential of new content ever since. A second season could well be announced at the climax of the Capcom Cup in December, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.