Urien Is Coming To Street Fighter V Later This Month, Here’s A New Gameplay Trailer


Capcom’s commitment to delivering a full season of DLC characters for Street Fighter V will finally be delivered upon later this month with the arrival of the suave and sadistic Urien. To celebrate, the developer has released a new gameplay trailer for the fighter, giving fans their first good look at how the final version of the burly Illuminati member will play upon release.

Of course, those of you that have already downloaded and digested Street Fighter V‘s free A Shadow Falls DLC will already have an idea of how Urien fits in with the rest of the cast, what with Capcom having included an early, unfinished version of the character for folks to try out.

To complement the trailer release, Capcom’s also provided a full breakdown of what Urien’s V-Skill, Trigger and Critical Arts are, so you’ve got plenty of time to suss out how to counter them before he pops up in 90% of your ranked matches, just as every new roster addition does.

V-Skill: Metallic Aura

Urien laughs maniacally while enveloping his body with his Metallic Aura. Once charged, his skin tone darkens and the next forward-propelling special move can temporarily absorb one attack.

V-Trigger: Aegis Reflector

Urien opens his arms and creates an energy barrier in front of him. The barrier will reflect projectiles back at the opponent and the direction held when activating the V-Trigger determines where it appears. Opponents who touch the barrier without blocking will take damage and be knocked back. With a full V-meter, Urien can project two barriers.

Critical Art: Dominate Crush

Urien channels energy into his arm and slams it into the ground, striking his opponent with a pillar of destruction.

Urien will launch as part of Street Fighter V‘s September update, which aims to make several matchmaking changes as well as introduce a Daily Challenge feature.

Capcom will share a firm release fate for Urien and the rest of the September update at next week’s Tokyo Game Show.

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