Alan Wake And Quantum Break Developer Remedy Entertainment Teases New Game


Quantum Break and Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment is gearing up to announce a brand new title. A short video posted on Remedy’s Twitter page featuring the studio’s creative director Sam Lake simply says that a new game trailer is “coming soon,” igniting speculation as to what it will be.

Many people’s instinctive (and probably wishful thinking) first thought will likely be for an Alan Wake 2, but considering Remedy’s past comments, that outcome doesn’t look particularly likely. Earlier this year, Remedy’s head of communication Thomas Puha told Polygon that “if the right opportunity came along [to make Alan Wake 2] we would like to do more. That doesn’t mean there isn’t one in the future. We just don’t to tease people and give them the wrong impression.”

You can probably rule out a sequel to the original Quantum Break too, as Remedy says that their next title won’t be published through Microsoft. In fact, last we heard, the studio was still looking for a publisher for the mystery game. Considering everything we know, the likelihood is that this project is a brand new intellectual property with a focus on multiplayer. The question is, where and when will be revealed?

Chances are, we’ll be seeing more during this year’s The Game Awards or, alternatively, Sony’s PlayStation Experience. Stay tuned for more!