Quantum Break Dev Remedy Won’t Publish New Game Through Microsoft, Cools Talk Of Alan Wake 2

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Quantum Break dev Remedy Entertainment won’t publish its new AAA title through Microsoft – and no, it’s not Alan Wake 2.

Currently simmering in pre-production, the studio’s Business Director Johannnes Paloheimo shed some light on the embryonic project during an interview with Polygon, noting that at this stage, Remedy is searching for a publisher to help get the title off the ground.

“We have to respect our partner and it’s up to them to decide when they want to talk about the game. We are constantly seeking and talking about business opportunities. It’s a very long process, a very complicated one. Many, many stars need to align.”

Whether that will herald the release of a new, multi-platform IP or, potentially, a sequel to Quantum Break remains to be seen. At least for the time being, though, Remedy’s stance on Alan Wake 2 is all but set in stone, according to Head of Communication, Thomas Puha:

“We’re not currently working on an Alan Wake game. We talked with [Polygon] about Alan Wake almost a year ago and our stance hasn’t changed. If the right opportunity came along we would like to do more. That doesn’t mean there isn’t one in the future. We just don’t want to tease people and give them the wrong impression.”

Source: Remedy