SEGA Has Released An Artistic CG Trailer For Aliens: Colonial Marines

This week has featured a lot of talk about Gearbox Software and its upcoming shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines. First, we had news that the much talked-about licensed game was delayed into the fall, after having been planned as a spring release. Now, SEGA and IGN have teamed up to debut a new cinematic trailer for the lead-filled experience.

What you’ll see below is a brief, artistically-created CG promotional video. Using a style that brings back memories of Dead Island and its debut trailer, this one focuses on the path of one alien’s green blood. After corroding its way through one metallic floor of a space ship, the green goo continues to make its way downward, while in slow motion.

Each new floor that it passes by has some sort of action going on, whether it’s groups of human soldiers getting ready for battle or a look at an in-progress battle against the black mutants.

Check it out below

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

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