Dead Island Trailer To Become A Feature Film

Remember the heart-wrenching trailer for Dead Island? It was difficult to watch – and way better than the actual game.

The trailer tells the story of a family’s vacation, which is abruptly cut short by the appearance of a hoard of the undead. The family’s young daughter is quickly turned, and the trailer follows her attack on her family and eventual death. It created such an emotional response among the gaming community that many declared it to be the best game trailer they had ever seen.

Now, reports are coming in that tell us Lionsgate acquired the rights to make a film adaption of the trailer, according to VG 24/7.

As far as horror movies go, zombie thrillers can actually be pretty emotional. Watching a loved one turn into an undead monster isn’t something even the most cold-hearted can do. If it’s done right, this movie could turn out to be pretty awesome.

You can watch the trailer for yourself below and decide what kind of movie it would make.