All Hitman Episodes Expected To Release “By The End Of Summer”


After much back and forth regarding the episodic content plan, developer IO Interactive debuted the Hitman premiere late last week to overly positive reviews.

That globe-trotting adventure began in the French capital of Paris, with next month’s installment primed to shift the espionage action to Italy. Morocco will follow suit in May, with Thailand, Japan, the States and a final, yet-to-be-revealed location on course to launch over the coming months.

Exactly when each episode will debut is still up for question, though IO Interactive recently took to Twitter to confirm that each Hitman installment ought to be out in the wild “by the end of summer.” There’s also mention of a technical hitch relating to the in-game Requiem Pack items, with some users encountering an issue after downloading update version 1.02. At the time of writing, the developer is narrowing in on a potential fix.

Per Twitter:

Agent 47’s next mission will send IO Interactive’s stone-faced assassin to Italy. Following the release of all episodes, a comprehensive retail version of Hitman is expected to launch at the beginning of 2017.