All ‘Warhammer Darktide’ classes, explained

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In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.

The newest addition to the Warhammer 40K pantheon of video games has arrived. Developed by Fatshark Games, Warhammer 40K: Darktide, a first-person co-op shooter, sees players face off against an army of chaos-worshiping soldiers of the Moebian sixth. The traitorous regiment will attack the players in droves, and the gameplay is very similar to the Warhammer: Vermintide games.

With Henry Cavill’s new series announced for Amazon Prime, there has never been a better time to get back into the Warhammer 40K universe. The game is PVE or player vs. environment. Like most PVE games, the players have multiple classes to choose from which will affect how the game is played. Read on for a run-down on how each class differs and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

The Veteran Sharpshooter

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A soldier of the imperial guard, the imperium of man’s largest combat force, the Veteran specializes primarily in the use of ranged weapons such as bolt guns and lasguns. They are also the best for if you’re planning to play as a sniper. Of course this does make the Veteran weak to close range attacks, but they’re not completely defenseless, as they do also have a variety of melee weapons at their disposal. They’re great to play as a support class.

The Veteran is great for headshots, and they also come equipped with a frag grenade for clearing out large hordes of enemies, and the class ability is also great for ranged attacks. The Veteran can use volley fire which automatically equips the ranged weapon and enters a ranged stance for five seconds. You’ll also gain 50 percent extra damage and the ability to highlight any enemy elites or specialists.

You’re best playing the Veteran if you prefer to stay back and give cover fire while picking off larger enemies from a distance. The Veterans’ arsenal means that they are capable of defending themselves against the horde in close combat, but you’re better off focusing on the priority targets and making your team aware of the enemy movements.

The Zealot Preacher

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The complete opposite to the Veteran, Zealots prefer close range combat. If you’re the kind of player to charge headfirst into the horde, then this class is the one for you. A typical loadout for this class includes a combat axe and players start out with an autopistol for ranged combat, however its effectiveness gets worse the further away you move. The flamer is another ranged weapon that’s a popular choice. The Zealot is best used in the thick of battle with support from other classes such as the veteran.

Speed is also greatly beneficial to their aggressive play style. Their class ability allows Zealots to dash forward and lock enemies into melee combat. On top of this, they get stronger and deal more damage as they lose health. This can help in a tight situation as it allows them to potentially gain an upper hand over the enemy when they are closer to death.

There are a multitude of other tools and abilities at your disposal if you choose this class, such as the stun grenade, which does exactly what you think it does. The Zealots’ iconic abilities also can also help when facing overwhelming odds, such as the “until death” ability which allows the Zealot to become invulnerable for five seconds after receiving a hit that would kill them. This class is great if you’re more of an aggressive player.

The Psyker Psykinetic

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This class uses powers from the warp and is essentially a mage class. The Psykers’ main method of attack lies with their magic abilities. Although this class is equipped with a combat sword and revolver, these are only used in a pinch when players are unable to use their magic attacks.

The Psyker’s abilities make it stand out amongst the other classes. One of these abilities, brain burst, is a magic attack in which the player locks on to an enemy and charges the attack. Once charged, the attack does high levels of damage to the enemy. It can even be used on enemies hiding behind shields. The Psykers can store warp charges from using this ability which allows them to use their class ability in which they discharge the stored warp charges and send the enemies flying. However, using this ability builds up peril. Once this bar reaches the top, using brain burst can kill the Psyker. Peril can be reduced by using the quell ability.

The Psyker class is definitely best used for taking down elite enemies and is invaluable to the team. They’re heavy hitters but best kept away from close combat.

The Ogryn Skullbreaker

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The tank class of this game, the Ogryn is the heavy hitter designed to take lots of damage without going down. This class is meant to be played even more aggressively than the Zealot. Usually on the front lines, the starting loadout includes a club and a one-pump shotgun that hits hard at close range. Hilariously, the Ogryn’s tactical item is a full box of grenades that he will throw at enemies. However, it does not have an area of effect for damage.

The Ogryn is best for taking down massive hordes or distracting the more powerful enemies whilst the rest of the team works toward their objective. Their class ability allows them to charge forward and knock back enemies. At the end of the Ogryn’s “bull rush,” they will have increased movement and attack speed for a short duration.

This class is best for players who prefer to be on the front lines, right in the middle of the chaos. Make no mistake, the Ogryn is a tank, and they are most useful when they are clubbing huge droves of the enemy. They can buy the rest of the team time by taking the enemy head on and keeping the more vulnerable classes away from the front line.

There’s a class for everyone’s playing style in this new 40k title. You’ll likely want to try all of them out before you settle on just one, or maybe you’ll hop between a favorite few. As with all PVE games, you’ll have to play to the rest of your team’s strengths and rely on them, too. Still, the best way to learn each class is to just play. The game is currently available on Steam if you’re looking for something to play in the new year.