The Amazing Spider-Man Has An Artistic Launch Trailer

Now that The Avengers have had their time in the spotlight, the summer of 2012 looks to belong to Peter Parker and his arachnid powers. The radioactive superhero is making a return to theatres on July 3, thanks to an all-new reboot, but that’s not all. The film’s video game companion is in North American stores right now, with the same title as its celluloid peer: The Amazing Spider-Man. Though, it’s important to note that the interactive romp through New York City is actually a sequel, as opposed to something that follows the film through verbatim means.

To celebrate the fact that its web-slinging baby is now available in North American stores, and will be out in Europe in a matter of two days, Activision has released a snazzy launch trailer for the game. Mixing artistic visuals with slow motion and music by Garbage, it delivers an engaging experience.

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