[Update] Amazon Updates Wii U Software Box Designs

[Update] Ubisoft and Nintendo has confirmed to GameTrailers that the Wii U box art is legitimate, and that this is the final design. Original story below.

Continuing with their recent strategy to break gaming news by updating software box art, Amazon has updated the listing of three Ubisoft Wii U games to include a new box design, that could potentially be the final design that Nintendo will use for Wii U software.

The box itself appears to be blue, as opposed to the angelic white boxes that Nintendo used for Wii software. The spine retains the white background under the text and Wii U logo, and the front cover has a blue arc with a slim yellow band under it.

In general, it appears that Nintendo is going out of their way to make the Wii U software boxes completely different from the ones they used for the Wii. That’s probably a good idea, and something they should have also done for the console itself.

Right now the box art has only been updated on Amazon.ca, and only for Assassin’s Creed III, Just Dance 4, and Avengers: Battle for Earth.

The box design has not been announced by Nintendo, and should technically be considered a rumor. However, it’s doubtful that Amazon has just been sitting around making up fake Wii U box art, so chances are this is the real deal.

Source: NeoGAF

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